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We love what we have created here at Heirloom!  We have an experienced direct entry midwife with 20+ years of experience catching babies in homes and birth centers teamed up with a physician with training in herbs and acupuncture.  Our physician can care for your whole family through all stages of life and wants to help you be as healthy as possible.  We know that many of you want to care for yourselves in the most natural manner possible and we support that, we even have herbs and tinctures in-house to complement your care.  The difference is that we can also order tests, send referrals and prescribe medications when they are needed to complement the natural-minded care you yearn for.  We recognize that sometimes one needs to gather information from both Eastern and Western paradigms to create a care plan that is best for you. 

We provide lab services on-site and can arrange for referral and consultation to other providers as needed.


Each of our providers and staff members value your experiences and insight and give thoughtful consideration of your input while caring for you.  

Nice to
meet you!

Kirsten Gerrish

Certified Direct-Entry Midwife


Nellie Nadeau

Licensed Family Physician

"...but that the works of God shall be revealed..." (John 9:3)


Administrative Director/ Licensed Massage Therapist

Heirloom Wellness & Birth is accepting new patients! To schedule, please call our office or send us a message.  We accept Medicare/Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, and we are in-network with BCBS, Cigna, and Tricare. Heirloom participates in the Ladies First Program.


We are happy to bill your insurance or work with you to develop a payment plan if you are uninsured.  

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