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Today there are multiple styles and forms of acupuncture, based on various needling techniques, different diagnosis methods, and/or different approaches to treatment. However, all have in common the very basis for acupuncture: the meridian system, energy flow, and yin and yang theories. Heirloom's family practice provider is trained in medical acupuncture, which is a more modern and scientific approach to using the meridian systems and its accompanying theories while borrowing concepts from 5-element and (TCM) acupuncture in her diagnoses and treatment approaches.

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Acupuncture’s reaches are limitless and a myriad of potential benefits exist for every individual and can be effective, as individual treatments or as part of an integrated medical plan.


In certain cases, the addition of specific Chinese herbal formula may be indicated. Not only can they support acupuncture treatments, but they can often be used as a primary therapy if acupuncture is not tolerated well for one reason or another.


There are countless conditions that benefit from acupuncture therapy. Reach out to us and we can advise you over the phone or by email if acupuncture is an option.


Exprecting mothers tend to be highly motivated when it comes to finding natural remedies for medical problems. Acupuncture is an ideal form of treatment as it offers women safe and medication-free relief for a multitude of pregnancy-related and non-related problems.

Pre-birth treatments given for either pregnancy support or in preparation for delivery, acupuncture

enhances a woman and her family’s satisfaction with the process of labor.  

Once baby arrives, acupuncture treatments

provide benefits to new mothers by increasing

uterine tone, supporting lactation, and decreasing postpartum depression.   


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To book an acupuncture treatment, please call our office or send us a message. Many insurance companies reimburse for medical acupuncture. We are happy to bill your insurance or work with you to develop a payment plan if you are

underinsured or uninsured.  

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