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We are an old-fashioned family practice, meaning we enjoy long-lasting & personal relationships with our clients.    We are a midwife and two Family Practice doctors with a special interest in helping you stay healthy so you can enjoy your life.  Your whole family can be cared for by a team small enough to get to know you.

We aim to provide holistic healthcare services for the entire family. Many of our clients begin their prenatal care with the midwife, give birth at our lovely birth center (or in their own home) and continue pediatric and well-person care with our Family Practice doctor.  Families can also receive acupuncture, mental health therapy, massage, and float tank relaxation in our clinic as well! We love providing individualized and holistic health care for the whole family from newborns to those who have grown wise with life experience.  


We are located in an original Colony Barn


it's what we do.


Our wellness services include acupuncture, massage therapy and float tanks.  While most people understand what acupuncture and massage are all about, many have questions regarding floats.  Floating is also known as "sensory deprivation."  You float in an enclosed tank with 800 lbs of epsom salts in about eleven inches of water.  You can choose to leave the door open, leave the lights on or, to truly relax, lay back and float away in total darkness. The water  is the temperature of your skin so  there is no sensation of it at all.  To schedule a float, massage or acupuncture appointment click here and you will be taken to the online scheduler.

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I went for acupuncture yesterday and wasn't sure how much it would help my back and sciatica pain.  I haven't been this pain free in MONTHS!  Simply rolling over in bed the last few months has been excruciating.  Since yesterday I have been able to get off the couch, walk up and down stairs, roll over in bed, all without awful pain in my hip.  I am soooo thankful for that session!  


Justine Kellett

I couldn't have asked for better

support, kindness, and serenity from the midwives.  


Dianna Schollmeier



Their compassion for mothers and babies is obvious. This is the best place to go through your journey of pregnancy!


Marquetta Zidrashko



We had an amazing experience. Our little girl was born in a calm, non-invasive, safe environment and I couldn't be happier with the care we received.


Lizzy Warburton