We are old fashioned.

We are an old-fashioned family practice, meaning we enjoy long-lasting & personal relationships with our clients.  We are happy to take care of your family from birth onward.  We are a midwife and a Family Practice doctor with a special interest in helping you stay healthy so you can enjoy your life.


work together.


We aim to provide holistic healthcare services for the entire family. Many of our clients begin their prenatal care with the midwife, give birth at our lovely birth center (or in their own home)and continue pediatric and well-person care with our Family Practice doctor.  Families can also enjoy massage therapy, yoga and float tank relaxation in our clinic as well! We love providing individualized and holistic health care through pregnancy and beyond.

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We are located in an original Colony Barn

I couldn't have asked for better

support, kindness, and serenity from the midwives.  


Dianna Schollmeier




Their compassion for their mothers and babies. This is the best place to go through your journey of pregnancy!


Marquetta Zidrashko




We had an amazing experience, I'm so glad we chose Heritage. Our little girl was born in a calm, non-invasive, safe environment and I couldn't be happier with the care we received.


Lizzy Warburton





Heirloom Wellness and Birth, LLC  is in network for many insurance companies.  We are happy to bill your insurance for and will work you to set up a payment plan if you do not have any insurance.  

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