Enhanced Well-being Through Expressive Art Therapy

Using Art and Positive Psychology to enhance well-being, manage stress, improve mood, and address anxiety and depression.  

 What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

What it is not..A class where you create art. In Expressive Arts therapy your work is not judged.  The piece you create and its meaning is for you alone. You do not need any experience or talent in art. All that is needed is to be open to trying different art materials to express yourself.  

What it is…A process guided by a therapist where we let our inner voices speak to help us sort out thoughts and feelings. Amazingly, the process of making something is actually calming and soothing in itself.
Expressive Arts Therapy uses a variety of art forms and materials to express concerns about things that are difficult to talk about. It includes creating images, writing, responding to music, and exploring movement. Exploring these different aspects of ourselves increases self-awareness and develops insights that help us navigate life’s challenges.



Heirloom Wellness and Birth, LLC  is in network for BC/BS, Cigna & Tricare.  We accept, Medicare/Medicaid & Denali Kid Care.  Let us help you to get an out of network exception with your insurance if we aren't in network with them.    We are happy to bill your insurance for you and will work with you to set up a payment plan if you do not have any insurance.  

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