We offer individual counseling with a focus on Maternal Mental Health as well as Expressive Art Therapy in a group setting.  

Motherhood may be a completely new role for you or an expanded one with the arrival of another child. An important start is to feel OK about expressing questions, doubts and concerns along with joys. When we think of Motherhood, care giving and nurturing come to mind. However along with this come feelings of worry, anxiety, depression, fear and yes, anger. Realizing that these are natural responses to new situations and learning to balance them is an achievable goal in counseling for enhanced maternal well-being.


Together we can openly explore and express thoughts and feelings, and develop strategies to manage them.



Heirloom Wellness and Birth, LLC  is in network for BC/BS, Cigna & Tricare.  We accept, Medicare/Medicaid & Denali Kid Care.  Let us help you to get an out of network exception with your insurance if we aren't in network with them.    We are happy to bill your insurance for you and will work with you to set up a payment plan if you do not have any insurance.  

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