With the end of the Summer and the arrival of cool crisp mornings,  we understand these changes herald the soon arrival or Winter.  Although we experience this seasonal change with all the magnificence in the colors of fall’s foliage, few appreciate that our bodies also undergo seasonal changes.


We are an integral part of the Earth. In fact, we are a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm. Unfortunately, humankind’s perceived superiority on our fragile planet has lead us to believe we are in control yet separate from Earth’s rhythmic changes. This couldn’t be further from the truth and living a life that reflect a lack of understanding thereof leads to illness. 


With Fall’s arrival, we too change with the season. The skin becomes more dry, wrinkled, and pale, while body movements become less fluid as the warmth of Summer is replaced by colder temperatures. Some don’t appreciate and identify this transition while others definitely note the change. Likewise, this transition in reverse occurs to our bodies when the Earth moves from Winter to Spring.

These two major seasonal changes leave us vulnerable to illness, most commonly respiratory illnesses. We call this time of year Flu season and we hear about the importance of getting the annual flu shot. Unfortunately, relying on this shot only as a mean of defense has proven not to be enough. In fact, in recent years the Flu shot has only be 50% effective. Moreover, the shot only protects against specific viral strains of influenza while leaving you unprotected from other viral infections such as the common cold, coronaviruses, and other viral or bacterial respiratory infections. In addition, many can’t tolerate the Flu shot due to sensitivity or allergies.

Alternatives to the Yearly Flu Shot

By no means do we discourage our patients from getting the Flu shot, but at Heirloom Birth and Wellness we go further for our patients by providing excellent alternatives or additions to the annual Flu shot:


- We provide herbal consultations and recommendations to enable the building of a strong immune system. Our supplements of choice can be found on our shelves, in local grocery stores, or online. Did you know, for instance, that taking a dose of an immune boosting herb at the first sign of illness can completely abort it in an otherwise healthy subject? Why wait for antibiotics when nature offers better alternatives. 


- We also provide an acupuncture treatment known as Wei Qi Tonification aimed at increasing and activating your immune system function as it goes through these seasonal transitions. This treatment is best given September through November for the Fall transition and then again from February through April for the Spring transition. It consists of three 45 minute acupuncture treatments one week apart for the Fall and Spring transitions. This treatment is especially important for people who suffer with autoimmune conditions or who have a history of pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza, or the like, or who are on immune suppressant therapy. 



Heirloom Wellness and Birth, LLC  is in network for BC/BS, Cigna & Tricare.  We accept, Medicare/Medicaid & Denali Kid Care.  Let us help you to get an out of network exception with your insurance if we aren't in network with them.    We are happy to bill your insurance for you and will work with you to set up a payment plan if you do not have any insurance.  

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