Dr. Nellie Nadeau 

Family Practice/ Acupuncture


Dr. Nadeau trained first as a medical doctor and later obtained her medical acupuncture training with the Helms Medical Acupuncture Institute, where her training was broad and pertinent to the medical issues our world is most affected by today. Often times, patients find themselves frustrated when, doctor after doctor, their symptoms fail to receive a diagnosis or a treatment beyond a medication to allay their pain. Patients feel like they are often told that the origin of their ailment is “in their heads”. Beyond frustrating, such statements lead to despair and alienation from Western medical science and its providers, which can lead to lack of follow up and lack of care which leads to worsening in outcomes.  However, a medical doctor with additional training in acupuncture has the ability to understand medical illnesses in both a Western and an Eastern medical framework. This allows for a greater perspective in assessing and treating symptom clusters and diagnoses. While Dr. Nadeau will not hesitate to offer acupuncture and other Eastern modalities as treatment options, she will also not be aloof to signs and symptoms that may warn of greater disease states than what acupuncture alone would be able to treat.

More information about Dr. Nadeau's services can be found at www.drnellienadeau.com .