Birth Center

Heirloom Birth Center is a state licensed free standing birth facility dedicated to the safe practice of holistic midwifery care. We offer homebirth and birth in our beautiful center, and provide exceptional midwifery services in sensitive surroundings while working with clients during pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

We have two birth rooms located on the main floor of the building.  They are both cozy, have a rocking chair, birth tub, fireplace and a bed for you to rest in after the birth of your baby.  


During the summer our secluded back deck is the perfect spot to labor with a stunning view of Pioneer Peak. During the winter the fireplaces not only keep you cozy but create a warm atmosphere to bring your baby into the world.

We have a family waiting room that offers a small kitchen and comfy seating for friends and family who want to be on hand for your baby's most important day!

When you birth at the birth center you come in when you feel ready to be at your place of birth.  Before you choose to go in you will be talking with your midwife who will help you to know when to come in and what you can do to remain as comfortable as possible.   She will meet you at the birth center when you come in and stay until you have had your baby.   After the birth you will stay at the birth center at least 3 hours.   We will do a baby exam, feed you, and make sure that both you and baby are adjusting well in the postpartum.  When you go home you will have a plan set for a home visit the next day and access to your midwife questions arise.  We take care of you and baby through out the 6 week postpartum period and can continue on as your baby grows if you choose to see the Family Practice doctors for your and baby's primary care.